General information

What we do.

The Studentische Darlehnskasse e.V. is a non-profit association founded in 1951, to which more than twenty colleges and universities are now affiliated. With our equity capital of over five million euros, we grant student loans to students at member universities.

Our student loans are granted regardless of the student's subject, age, background or parents' financial situation. Our competitive advantage is based on our non-profit status. Unlike other providers, we offer our student loan at a fixed interest rate, we do not charge any processing fees, penalty interest or other costs.

For our particularly good conditions, we were listed among the first places for Germany-wide student loans by the CHE Studienkredit-Test.

The membership fee

A one-time admission fee of one euro per enrolled student and 0.25€ per enrolled student per semester is due.

Why your university should also become a member:

It can often be observed that the lecture halls are overcrowded. The reason for this is, among other things, the popularity of Berlin as a place to study, but also the fact that every second school leaver now decides to start a course of study. At the same time, every third student drops out and only two out of five students finish their studies in the standard period of study.

For most universities, this situation represents not only an organizational challenge, but above all an economic one. This is because university allocations are based, on the one hand, on whether students graduate at all and, on the other, on how many university semesters they need to do so.

Both factors are influenced by a membership in the Studentische Darlehnskasse e.V.. The fact that students have to work less to finance their studies improves their grades and reduces the time needed to complete their studies. If necessary, students decide against dropping out of their studies because they can cope better with a student loan. Our offer is mainly aimed at students who are already in the final phase, i.e. in the last three years of their studies. For many students, access to master's programs is only made possible by our student loan.

In addition to these advantages, you support us in giving financially disadvantaged students the opportunity to obtain Berlin's most favorable and best loan. Your membership in the Studentische Darlehnskasse e.V. shows that you are committed to social justice. It can be a decision criterion for a prospective student to take up studies at your university.